To get a DSLR or not?

So I’ve currently got a Canon S400 / IXUS 400. It’s a nifty 4MP, 3x optical zoom compact digital camera and I’ve been pretty happy with it. However, when my brother recently got married I found it’s low light performance, shutter lags & picture quality to be abit annoying.

This got me thinking and so I went out to to find out what was the right camera for me. Initially I looked at the Canon Pro1 (8MP, 7x optical zoom etc) but it’s still basically a consumer camera – definitely a better camera than the S400 but not addressing my original annoyances. On top of that, it was around about the same price as a DSLR – so I went and did some research on DSLRs.

After much research I had my heart set on the Canon 300D DSLR. At around the same price as the Canon Pro1, but with FULL DSLR capabilities, it was really starting to get me interested. Of course, then I’d need to get some decent lenses which I finally settled on the Canon 50mm f1.8 prime (I didn’t opt to get a telephoto as my budget couldn’t meet it). Then I’d need some UV filters to protect my lenses, plus a spare battery etc.

Then storage became an issue, because a RAW image file for the 6.1MP 300D can be about 10Mbs (so I’d heard) – so I looked at PDS (Portable Storage Devices). These devices enable one to put their Flash card into them, hit “copy”, it will copy files to the HDD and then copy then off the device via USB2. The X-Drive II caught my attention so I priced it as well as all the above and before I knew it – I was talking some serious cash (for me anyway) for something that’s pretty much a “use during holidays and special ocassions but thats about all”.

Now I’m also into video work as well (do home movie editting with my Sony TRV-27 & firewire etc). Now given that I’m hopefully going to be moving into the DVD world for my home movies, I figured I’d better upgrade my home computer as according to my Dad it’s pretty CPU intensive. I currently have a 1.3Ghz AMD Duron, which in my mind definitely isn’t going to cut it. More money!

Anyway, after much deliberation, stressing and consulting with The One Who Controls The Money (my wife) – I came to the conclusion I’d much rather upgrade my home computer. So just today I brought a new battery for my S400 & the X-Drive II (storage is always going to be an issue no matter what digital camera I have). This cost roughly 1/8th what I was going to spend on getting the DSLR and accessories. Now its just a matter of upgrading my home computer, fingers crossed.


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