X-Drive II tests.

My X-Drive II arrived today (yes, one day after I ordered it – now thats great customer service & delivery) and I must say it’s a pretty cool package. I ordered a 30Gb (it’s large enough for the time being) laptop HDD to go with it and have finished installing the HDD. Took about 2 minutes to open the X-Drive up, install the HDD and reclose it.

I’d filled my 256Mb CF card up last night (124 photos of my office is kinda boring but serves a purpose) and just did some test runs on transfer rates etc. Here’s my conclusions: It takes roughly 5 minutes to transfer 243Mb of data onto the internal HDD, and about 1 minute to transfer that data off the HDD and onto my computer using USB 2. Given that the battery lasts roughly 90 minutes a charge (though you can use the power pack and it won’t drain the battery), that’s 16 transfers per charge. Now the manufacturer says the battery has a life of 500 charges, so that’s 8000 transfers of 243Mb – based on some rough calculations that’s 388Gbs of data!!

I then tested the images to make sure they transferred across correctly, and everything was perfect. I’m now transfering about 4Gbs of mp3s from my computer to it, so I can take them with me to my new job. I’m pretty impressed with the capabilities of this device: CF to HDD copy, CF reader & HDD storage/retrieval (hey if you couldn’t retrieve it’d be pretty pointless eh). Now I never have to worry about running out of storage when on holidays ever again (and it’s a fraction of the size/cost/weight of a laptop).


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