My new job roxorz!

November 25, 2004

Ok, it’s almost the end of my 3rd week in my new job and I can officially say, “It roxorz!” Since I’ve been here, I’ve finished one little application off (abit slow but seeing as I had to learn the language and the DB, not too shabby) and will soon be starting a billing tracking system.

So what do I like about it here? A few things:

1. The vibe: it’s so cool to be working for a company that is actually going somewhere and were people are excited about what they are doing.
2. The prospects: we have some pretty cool potential clients lined up and that is so foreign to me.
3. The satisfication: knowing that the software I’m writing is actually going to get past the “demo” stages and actually be used in production (in fact my first app is going straight to production) is pretty sweet.

Other good things are; no dress code, I got a laptop plus company mobile phone, free parking, 17″ lcd (to avoid wrecking my eyes even more than they already are) etc. All in all, it’s roxology.


Bon voyage!

November 16, 2004

Well technically it should be “welcome back” but I don’t know the correct word for that but anyway. I finally managed to put up the photos from our 3 week trip to Singapore & Malaysia. Check them out if you so like.