Christmas goodies

Well it’s Christmas day! I love Christmas time – it’s a great part of the year where everyone starts to wind down, relax, the weather gets hot, BBQs are the go, the Christmas carols are playing in shops etc.

So what did the old Sledgesta get? I got a ton of shirts (8+ all up I think, the groovy polo & trippy type), a leather fossil bracelet, a gurney (you know, those high powered water devices), a few smaller things in my stocking (CD, hackey sack, chocolates etc) and finally a brand new Canon IP3000 printer. Now, all the presents I got were mad as but the printer – it’s really got me impressed.

So what does it do? Here’s a list: 24ppm b&w, 14ppm color, auto duplex, 6″x4″ / 5″x7″ / A4 photo prints and if that’s not enough CD/DVD printing (on printable media) too! I was just so surprised at how fast it prints normally, 24ppm is pretty darn fast and auto duplexing is cool as.

I’ve printed about 7 photos so far which have turned out alot better than I expected though I will need to calibrate my monitor as the prints came out abit darker than the monitor showed them.

All in all, a pretty neat day. Oh, and just in case you were thinking “what kinda loser blogs on Christmas day?” – this is a post dated blog entry ;p


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