Time flies

Wow time flies! It seems like only yesterday that my wife & I were enjoying ourselves in Penang, Malaysia and now Christmas has come and gone and it’s NYE! Speaking of Penang, I can’t believe the utter destruction that has occured in SE Asia due to the recent earthquake/tsunami there. Two years back we were staying in Phuket, Thailand and its amazing to think that it’s pretty much destroyed. If you feel in your heart to make a donation to the disaster relief, donate to the Red Cross Australia relief fund. I have.

Onto more happy thoughts, tonight I’ve got a BBQ at my house with family and a few friends. We’re then planning on training it into the city and watching the NYE fireworks at the Docklands – should be a sa-weet as night.

Anyway ya’ll, this is my last entry for 2004 – 2005, bring it on!


One Response to Time flies

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re posting on your blog? Dude, that is some serious sadness in effect here. Still, more power to you.


    Master of the Universe.

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