And another war starts

Seems the nations of the world are at war again; however, this time it’s not on whether to invade Iraq or another UN resolution on the Israeli / Palestian conflict. This time its a bidding war on which country can give the most money in aid contributions to SE Asia for the tsunami relief.

So far Australia ($US760 million), Germany ($US674 million) and Japan ($US500 million) are the top 3 contributors in aid relief (according to this article in The Age). You know I rarely feel any national pride for Australia (being a New Zealander an all that) but it really makes me feel good to know that our country is leading the way in international aid during this crisis.

And to top that off, Australias private donations have topped $A100 million today – I can not believe the outpouring of public sympathy. While this has been a tragic event, maybe some good will come out of it. In particular, I hope that the large Muslim population in Indonesia take note of our giving and the distinct lack of giving from their Muslim brothers in the Arab Gulf ($US50 million at last count).


4 Responses to And another war starts

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s really good and all and I don’t want to belittle the relief that money will bring but honestly, the fact that the government is ensuring that everyone knows how much they’re putting in takes away from me feeling good about them. If they were so benevolent then they’d attack home problems with the same rigour. In this instance they’ve done their job and no more. [phter] I spit in their general direction.

  2. I think “the fact that the government is ensuring that everyone knows how much they’re putting” is a very conscience decision by the Howard government.

    It’s basically saying, “Look dudes, we helped you massively in your time of need. Now, in future, when we want something – you better remember this.”

    I think it’s a brilliant piece of public relations by the government – now if we ever decide to strike a terrorist group in Indonesia, what’s Indonesia gonna say, “You can’t do that!?” To which we’ll reply, “sthu fools, we own you.” LoL.

    Plus it certainly puts Australia on the map in regards to the rest of the worlds contributions – it’s worth alot of “props” points.

    Still, would $1BIL spent at home be better? Quite possibly localised it would, but globally, I doubt it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Man anonymous above is a real meany. Perhaps he’d prefer all those people starve to death??

  4. Anonymous says:

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