Access denied

Today I receive a call from my wife telling me that our credit card had been declined 3 times while she was trying to buy a book. I suggested she try purchasing from another store, incase the bookshop had some problems with its eftpos machine – still no luck, declined again.

I then rang up my bank and after a few checks I was informed that “Due to a fraud alert we received today on compromised credit card numbers, of which your card was on the list, you credit card has been stopped”. Yowsers! I was then informed that my card would be cancelled, with a new card issued over night – abit of a pain due to several direct debits I have setup on it.

Got me to thinking as to how my card would have been compromised. I’m always careful not to just give my credict card number out whilly nilly – rarely make purchases over the net and make all my payments either via my banks internet banking facility or specific legit BPAY sites. Then it clicked, my recent trip to Singapore/Malaysia!

Now, we were very careful to not use our credit card in dodgey looking places and I can recall only ever using it at: our hotels to pay our tab or legit shopping centres. Still, it seems most likely it was here that our credit card details were gathered.

It’s all good though, no unauthorised transactions have gone through and it’s actually kind of nice to know that our bank is looking out for us (in a “stop your card without notice” way). Only hassle is now I have to remember a new card number! (Yes, I used it a fair bit.. lol)


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    Love what you have to say

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