Have car, will travel

January 16th, 1999 – the day my wife and I got married. This weekend just past it was our 6th Wedding Anniversary and we’d decided that we would just do something small, maybe go out for dinner & watch a movie etc. On the side I was thinking of organising some tickets to the theatre to see the Saturday Night Fever show but decided against it. Good thing I did!

On Saturday (day before our anniversary) I was sitting in my lounge room when Gabby goes, “Turn around” – as I did, I saw this brand new Porsche Boxster S driving down the driveway! It was awesome! Turns out my wife had organised this months ago & that she’d also organised a motel down at Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road. So we had it for about 24 hours and did around 450+ kms in it – went to Anglesea, Lorne, Torquay, Geelong & Williamstown.

I tell you what, you get treated a whole lot different when you’re driving around a $140k+ car. Lots of stares, lots of people talking to you when you rock up to places (got asked if I wanted a race, told that a womans 5 year old son wanted a Porsche, asked what its like to own & drive a Porsche etc). Funny thing is, it wasn’t mine! Haha, but who were they to know.

So how hard did I give it to it? Well I got it up to 180km with my brother but that was as far as I pushed it mainly due to fears of getting pulled over by the Police (80km over the speed limit of 100km is a definite losing of the license for 1+ years) – though I did get it up to 160km several times on the entrance ramps to the freeway (in only 3rd gear, pulling 5.5k RPMs). Was a dream to drive, for the performance and the prestige.

Thanks for the great surpise Gab!


One Response to Have car, will travel

  1. Kestrel says:

    Hey Bro,

    Congrats on your 6th wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s 6 years, seems like just the other day we were at your wedding.

    I must say the Porsched HAMMERED!! It was crazy! I’ve never been in a car then gotten out and felt so happy. I can understand what those petrol heads must feel with their souped up cars. Needless to say many cars ate our dust and it felt good. 🙂

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