Was it justified?

I was watching the recent elections in Iraq on the news just the other night, and suddenly I was struck with how happy and glad the Iraqi people were to be having free, demogratic elections.

It got me thinking, “Maybe this war was justified?” Afterall, it seemed like a large majority of Iraq is celebrating these elections. Of course, the media is well known for twisting reality to portray any reality they wish to. But then, the media in Australia has been very anti Iraq (especially Australias involvement in it) so why would they suddenly start showing positive news on Iraq?

It would appear the only Iraqi people not happy with the elections are the Sunni people. But given that they were aligned with Saddam Hussein in the first place, you can understand why. Mind you, I say this without any real understanding of the political background in Iraq.

So the question remains – was the “liberation” of Iraq indeed a worthwhile exercise? Given the recent joy over the freedom of elections etc, it is gradually & slowly appearing so. Only time will really tell though, given the growing toll on Coalition troops & resources…


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