Been pretty quiet on the blogging front lately, so here’s a few things I’ve been looking at:

1. Canon 350D; new 8MP DSLR to replace the aging 300D. Looks like a real killer entry level DSLR, read the hyperlink for DPreviews pre-production review.

2. Denso BHT-8000 batch barcode scanning unit; a really easy barcode reader to program (uses a subset of BASIC) with fast searching capabilities. Writing a batch scan packing module for it at the moment, almost finished and it’s taken very little time.

3. SMS Gateway; these guys offer one really attractive SMS Gateway service. Web, email, ftp, http, application based as well as Sender ID changing – you name it, they do it. Plus it’s really cheap, roughly 7c AUD, whereas most others are 15c etc.

4. Mucking around with Publisher 2003, my Canon IP-3000 printer & Photoshop CS. Trying to get abit more clued up on publishing booklets etc.


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