Banks make Sledge mad.

Back on the 12th of January this year, I setup a new bank account with Westpac. It was business bank account so it required me to fill in some new forms to get Internet Banking enabled – no problemo. I filled the forms in there and then, leaving the forms with the representative who created my bank account for me. I then waited for my Internet Banking details to arrive in the mail. And waited. And waited.

4 weeks later I’d still not received anything so I phoned up the Bank to find out what was going on. Turns out the forms had never been submitted to the appropriate department. So I had to go in and fill out another application form for Internet Banking. “All will be fine this time”, I was told. Famous last words eh?

Two weeks later I got a phone calling informing me that the application form had been filled out incorrectly (it needed some signatures from my wife on it). Now, this 2nd set of application forms had been completed with the assistance of the same Customer Service representative who helped me fill out the 1st set. So, my wife added her signature to the 2nd application and I submitted it for the 3rd time.

It’s now the 21st of March – over two months since I originally applied for Internet Banking on my new bank account and I STILL haven’t received my details!


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