What I’m watching.

I’ve watched a few DVDs & movies (well, one movie) lately and here’s my take on them.

The Final Cut
Ever had a loved one pass away & wished that you had some lasting memory of their entire life? You know, something more than just photos & put together pieces of video. This is the premise behind this movie. Turns out that a “Zoe” implant is the answer to your prayers – a video/sound recording device implanted into a baby at birth. It records your entire life where upon death, a “Cutter” goes through your Zoe footage and cuts your life down to a fitting tribute – through your eyes.

It raises some interesting questions (though all too briefly) about how one would live their life if they knew it was being filmed nonstop, but in the end, fails to really hit the mark. It claims to be a thriller, however, I never felt much tension or thrills and this is where a great idea is let down by poor script. At the end of the film I actually felt abit ripped off, like I had expected some mega twist or something but it never came.

Stars: Robin Willams & the dude who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ.

Oceans 12
When Oceans 11 came out, I immediately liked it. Las Vegas, the suits, the robbery, the sound track etc it was all class. So given that, you’d have thought that Oceans 12 would also be pretty good right? Wrong. Dead wrong amigo.

With the number of stars in this film that command $10mil+ a film, you would expect more. A whole lot more. The plot was weak, the secondary characters hardly played any real part (Zata Jones seemed to get way too much scene time) & the script was disjointed at best. At the end of day, it was pure crap. Major disappointment.

Stars: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Julia Roberts & Catherine Zata Jones.

The Pacifier
“How the mighty have fallen”, I thought when I saw the shorts for this movie. Vin Diesel does an Arnold Schwarenzger ala Kindergarten Cop. It took Arnold a good number of years & movies before he reduced himself to running a class full of kids but here we have Vin Diesel (who’s barely even out of his acting nappies) doing a copy & destroying any street cred he had left. Well, so I thought.

In reality, it was actually not too bad of a movie. Sure the opening scene was soooo bad that even my wife turned to me and said, “This is cccrrrraaappppp!”. But if you remember it’s a Disney kids movie, it gets better. Story line? Scientist dies, leaving behind Mum & 4 kids who need to be protected as Mum goes overseas to retrieve a special device that Scientist left behind. From here it’s the usual gags, but I actually ended up enjoying this movie.

Stars: Vin Diesel.

Now, this brings me to the following: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I saw the preview for this at The Pacifier and I have to say: IT LOOKS AWESOME! I was pretty let down by SWI & SWII (though SWII was a whole lot better), with feelings of George Lucas selling out the old school SWs fans for some quick merchandising dollars. How so? By making it about 1 step higher than an episode of High 5 or the Wiggles. Jar Jar Binks? Give me strength. Pod Racing? Puhlease!

SWIII looks a whole lot darker & more mature, the space & general scenery are awe inspiring and it just looks more like the SWs I’ve wanted since the prequels arrived. Sure, I still think that they made a mistake with casting that fuew Hans Whatever as Anakin Skywalker – but hey, hopefully he’ll get his rage on and make up for it in this movie.


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