Canon LIDE 35 Review

April 20, 2005

Earlier this week I had a friend ask if I could scan some photos for her, “No problems” I said. So I called up my Dad and asked if I could borrow his scanner (again), which was fine. However I started thinking, “This is becoming a pain – why don’t I buy a scanner for myself?” So I did.

My criteria was: cheap (quite important), good quality scans & a good set of features. After a bit of searching (well, mainly checked out my favourite online computer store Centre Com) & reading of online reviews, I decided on the Canon LIDE 35. I could comment on it’s features but why waste time, lets start the review! If you want it’s features, click on the link above.

Everything was good during unpacking, installing of software, connecting scanner etc. However, when it was time to test scan, I wasn’t so happy – scanning quality was very poor. I was getting all these scanlines across parts of my photos, “Oh no”, I thought, “I’ve brought a lemon”. This was using the bundled PhotoStudio (which I believe uses the ScanGear CS plug-in to scan) software.

Also bundled is CanoScan Toolbox – another option to scan your photos/pictures etc. You can use it manually, or if you use the 4 buttons on the front of the scanner, it gets used automatically. Anyway, I decided to give it a go – and lo and behold, it scanned perfectly. No scanlines, no fading – just perfect scans.

So basically I’ll stay away from the PhotoStudio software and just use the CanoScan Toolbox instead. It’s no biggie and possibly not unexpected considering the purchase price but still… you’d think Canon would have better quality control over it’s bundled software products.


What’s going on?

April 15, 2005

It’s been a good couple of weeks since I’ve posted and I’m sure my loyal fans & readers are wondering, “Sledge mate, what’s going on?” Well, fear not, here is what I’ve been up to:

Wifes Graduation
My wife has been doing a Diploma of Management for the last 4 years (part time) at Deakin University. She finally graduated on the 6th of this month – congrats babe! Check out some photos I took of the happy occasion.

Cousins Wedding
A few days after my wifes graduation (8th of April), we flew up to Sydney for Trudy (my cousin) & Marks wedding. We stayed at the Grand Medina Apartments, which were quite nice, with my brother & his wife. Got up there on the Friday morning & flew back the Saturday night. Was a beautiful wedding and I’m glad we were able to make it and catch up with the rest of the cousins, uncles & aunties. Photos to come soon.

Canon 350D
It’s official. I will be getting this camera some time in the next 5 or so months – yeehaw! My wife has agreed to let me get it, which is great news because it now means I won’t feel guilty about spending that much cash on a camera. But then how much value can you put on the memories that the camera will take? You can’t, they’re priceless.

Account Management & Sales
In an interesting twist at work, I’m now also doing account management & sales! The account management isn’t too bad, it’s mainly just ensuring the implementation of our EDI solutions for one of our large retailer clients goes smoothly and hassle free. I basically ensure their suppliers connect/understand how to use our Edidocs bureau service & follow the correct processes/procedures for EDI trading.

However the Sales is abit new for me. Our company offers VAN (Value Added Network) services for the EDI industry. On top of storing the messages that are sent between trading partners, we also provide tracking so you can tell when your message was sent/received etc by yourself & the opposite party – very handy. I’m now responsible for selling this to our existing clients which thankfully isn’t too hard because we our product is very very good. Still, it’s something new for me and so it’s abit daunting.

On top of the above, I’m also doing some coding now & again… haha. The Scan Packing software I was writing for the Denso barcode scanner is finished, as is a Stock Take module I wrote at the same time. My billing system is also just about to go live for a new set of our clients (it’s already live for one set of our clients) – fingers crossed. 😉