Airline security

Last time we went overseas, we noticed a service that would shrinkwrap your baggage for you (this was either in Singapore or Malaysia). This was for security reasons & also to protect from weather/baggage handling issues (once my brothers bags had a fishy wet stain on them after a flight to New Zealand, which took ages to wash out – the shrinkwrap would have stopped this).

At the time, I never really paid much attention to it – until now: Airline passengers protect themselves.

While this service fills an obvious gap, isn’t it a sad inditement of todays troubled times. Where people will, apparently, put illegal substances in others peoples baggage without regard to the consequences for said person. I’ve always padlocked my baggage, but only the areas which had actual personal items in it – there’s usually always a empty zipped compartment that’s unlocked & accessible to the world. Unfortunately, alot of times you can’t lock these compartments because they only have one zip.

In future, when travelling to countries with such hardline laws on drugs, I might consider using the service too – it’s cheap insurance when you consider the value of a life.


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