Stupid technology

Another technology “breakthrough” to chuck in the Junk File: For men who won’t lift a finger in the house.

A washing machine that uses fingerprint recognition to ensure that the same person doesn’t use the machine twice in a row – like that is seriously going to “break the macho man”. Here’s why it’s destined for failure:

1. Purchases which involve any white goods (especially big white goods) usually involve the man of the house being there when it’s brought. No self respecting male would allow such a stupid device to be brought.

2. Ok, so my wife can’t press the button to start the machine because she did so last time – big deal. She sorts the washing, loads the machine and then calls my name. I then press the button for her. So much for this “breakthrough” technology.

3. What if you are a single parent, what happens then? Apparently, for the “twice in a row” technology to work, both partners need to register their fingerprints. Well guess what? No male is going to register their fingerprint unless they are a spineless gimp.

4. Equality eh? Well how about having the same technology on a lawn mower, whipper snipper etc.

At the end of the day this is just more feminist crap that should be placed in it’s rightful area – the Junk File.


One Response to Stupid technology

  1. Anonymous says:

    Must have been ‘invented’ be a female!

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