Riddle me this

Some things I’ve been pondering lately:

You know, every once an a while the technobabble crowd get together and create a new buzzword. Todays buzzword is brought to you by the letter A (for Apple): Podcasting

What is podcasting I hear you say? Well, if you haven’t read/heard about it – you’re a lucky person. It’s everywhere these days, from blogs to radio stations, the online media and of course, the printed media. In it’s most basic form, its the downloading of something for play back at a later time. It typically is an mp3 that is formatted to a radio style – talk back, songs, listener calls etc downloaded to an mp3 player that you listen to NOT live, but after the fact.

What? That sounds like an mp3 to me! What’s the big deal? Well seriously folks, I have NO idea what the big deal is but I know that the marketing fools are going crazy over it. And as usual, it’s a total crock of rubbish. Read this /. article for peoples opinions: How Podcasting and Satellite Changed Radio.

Beville / Sandwiche Maker
Oh the humble breville/sandwich maker, where would we be without you? My wife buys a lot of deli type food, you know; salami, ham, cheeses (parmesan, swiss) etc – we usually have this for lunch on Saturday/Sunday or maybe even dinner during the week (if we can’t be bothered cooking). But alot of the time, the food ends up being thrown out because we don’t eat it all and it goes off – but not anymore!

I’ve been taking it to work and making breville sandwiches out of it – there’s nothing quite like a toasted sandwiche with the melted cheese and steamy salami… yum!

Workplace Environment
Ever since I’ve started my new job (it’s been close to 7 months now, unbelievably), I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my mental well being. Previously I used to always be complaining about management, fellow workers, the state of the development projects, this, that etc. Plus the frequent back stabbing, colleague outbursts (sometimes even myself), management mind games and such made for quite a depressing working environment. In my current employment, we have none of these issues – it got me to thinking, “Why?” I think I might know why:

1. Industry knowledge: the people in charge know the industry and know what our clients want/need. This stops alot of second guessing on how best to develop our software – no more “No! My way is what the client will probably want!” etc.

2. Smaller, relaxed team: there’s only 3 of us in the development team and we are all easy going, relaxed people. This makes a huge difference – no power plays, no empire building, no trying to force views onto others etc. Also because there’s less people involved there are less issues with people wanting to give their input, changing code on others etc.

3. Cool management: makes a big difference. Everyone is valued, their input sought, no one is played off each other etc. It’s quite refreshing after 3.5 years of crazy management.

The days of office blow ups, constant complaining, back stabbing etc are over for me – thankfully. I used to hate coming into work, now I quite enjoy it…


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