Sledge strikes back

How come I constantly refer to myself in the 3rd person? To be honest, Sledge doesn’t know why – but I digress, onto my post!

A few days ago I received my Telstra home line phone bill, it was $147! “Yowsers”, I thought as I opened it up, “My wife must have been making heaps of phone calls”. Or so I thought. On closer investigation I discovered that:

1. $90 of this involved “Rental & Service Charges”, of which $9 was for the phone rental and $81 was for line rental.
2. $12 of this was a “Late Payment” fee – whoops.
3. Leaving a measly $35 as actual phone call costs!

These are over a 3 month billing period, meaning I’m paying around $27 for my line rental a month. “Surely you jest, oh evil Telstra”, I exclaimed and vowed to get a cheaper line rental. And guess what, there is a cheaper line rental plan – for only $18.50 a month! On delving deeper, the phone calls are 30cents (instead of 20cents on the $27 a month plan) but considering we make about 35 calls a month, that’s only $3.50 difference. As you reach higher call volumes, obviously the $27 plan will be better for you.

So, $18.50 + $3.50 = $22 meaning we’re still $5 ahead at the end of the month! Lol, chicken feed I know but it all adds up. And there’s a good possibly that $5 will be going towards my hopefully soon to be connected ADSL. That’s if I decide to ditch my free dialup (don’t ask, it’s a long story).

So Telstra, take that! Also, I plan to ditch the Telstra provided phone soon so that will get rid of that annoying $3 a month phone rental fee – sure it’ll take 2 or so years to recoup costs based on a $80 phone, but from then onwards… its all free! Considering I’ve now been living at my current address for 6 years and paying that damn phone line rental fee (6 X 12 X 3), I could have brought several phones by now.


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