Media hysteria

Well, late last night the world received news that Kylie Minogue had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Terrible news indeed, life can sometimes throw a curveball when you least expect it. I hope all goes well during her treatment & recovery.

However, what really gets me going is the way the press have gone absolutely spastic over this news. Sure, this is tragic but please, today the Herald Sun had some 6 to 8 pages devoted entirely to Kylie (from the front cover to page 8 too) – give me strength. Why the morbib curiosity just because she is a celebrity?

Where are the press when 98 people a day die of cancer? Or when my friend Priscilla caught, fought, beat, relapsed & sadly passed away from cancer? I think, the thoughts of another are better, as my rage threatens to rupture forth:

We should all be so lucky. I am not a Kylie fan but do wish her a speedy recovery. However, my sympathy goes to the thousands of women diagnosed with cancer who cannot afford the best medical treatment, who can ill afford the time off work to undergo treatment and months off for their recovery. I feel for all those women who have to explain to their children that mummy is very ill and may not recover. I feel for all those whose every need (cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, driving themselves to hospital)is not looked after by an army of minders. Get real Australia, your sympathy is poorly placed. To the media and well wishers if you really care about Kylie, leave her alone and let her get through this very difficult time with dignity. Having a three ring circus outside her parent’s home cannot possibly help -and lets go back to real news on tonights broadcasts.

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2 Responses to Media hysteria

  1. Anonymous says:

    A most agreeable read and this anonymous reader feels exactly the same way. Unfortunately the media is a big business and sensationalism sells. But it’s the readers who crave this. This obscenity is a blight on the common person – nay, on humanity. Oh woe is us.

  2. olieksjandier says:

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