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Today I was browsing some right wing blogs – my own views being more akined to their views then our fellow humans of the left wing persuasion. In right wing though I refer to conservative rather than the extreme right you see in neofascism & neonazis. On a whole however, I am not overly political with my views and tend to not engage in political discussion except amongst my closest of friends.

I will however read blogs by leftist writers too though because I believe in getting both sides of a story, empathising with peoples feelings/beliefs & just to get some knowledge/intelligence. However, one website I ended up visiting was disturbing, most disturbing. Check it out: Forsake The Troops.

Here we have Michael Crook, a left wing nutter, going on about how American soldiers are leeches on the US taxpayers and that they are basically, what we call in Australia, "Dole bludgers". Its quite extraordinary that one can come imagine the thought let alone come to that conclusion. Check out this quote from the bottom of FTTs website:

Number of US soldiers killed in the Iraq War, of their own doing, because they CHOSE to be leeches: 1,587. These scumbags asked for it, and got it. Simper Cry.

And here's one persons well written reply to this strange creature:

Hello, Im a former combat Marine who came across this website and would like to add my opinion if so allowed. I am a great believer in the Constitution that we live by, And I would defend it with my life if so asked.

The United States was built on the ability to make your own decisions and speak out about how you feel without the fear of reprisals by the gov't. This also includes speaking out against the gov't when it comes to ideas and ideals that they form that you may not agree are in the best interest of the citizens. Its our responsibility as citizens to do so, As it is the responsibility of a soldier to defend your right to speak out as well.

A soldier must be willing to give his life for a flag, that you as a citizen can burn and deface. Not only must we defend our staunchest allies, we must also defend our worst protractors as well, and we must do it equally, without reservation.

We as marines, soldiers, sailors, or airmen, know this, and though it may pain us to do so, will do it. It was our forefather before us who gave their blood and made the ultimate sacrafice to gift us with these liberties, and it is our generation who must defend them.

I may not agree with what you say, or what you print on this website, but please do remember, that without Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen, both male and female in gender, who have given their lives, you may have never had the chance to do so.

Isn't it ironic that Michael Crook calls the US army "leeches" when he himself "leeches" the freedom (speech, democracy, religion) they afford him, each & every day. That's the pot calling the kettle black, Comrade Crook.


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