Time for a laugh

I came across the following while reading /. today: Zalman get extreme with P4 cooling. As one person so wisely commented:

This CPU cooler would be good for the guy who buys that dumb “type R” PSU that was featured earlier. It seems the PC-modder crowd is seeing more and more “rice boxes” out there.

I can picture it now…”cool” nerd going a LAN party, driving a brightly painted Civic with that screaming 115HP motor, windows tinted almost opaque with 18″ wheels on a goofy camber due to the chopped springs/hack lowering job and glowing neon and red “R” stickers all over the place.

In the passenger seat sits his ‘leet gamer PC (the trunk is full of amps and speakers). It is an amazing construction of aluminum, plexiglass, neon and silver and gold Tremclad housing a type R power supply (as advertised on /.!), the biggest heat sink that’ll fit inside and six fans to coll that screamin’ $80 mobo and Celeron CPU. Good thing that mobo has built in audio, video and LAN becasue the slots are blocked by all the other gear…

Just a word of advice…if you “pimp your ride”, then “pimp your PC” to match your ride, it is time to seek therapy.

Pretty hilarious but in fact it’s an enlarged display model of the real product. Someone tried a late April fools joke… 😉

Further browsing today revealed: Hyper Type-R Modular Blue Line 580W. Yepo, that’s the name of a newly released PSU. Type-R!? Whadda!? As if the stupid craze of plastering Type-R stickers on riced up cars wasn’t bad enough, people are now doing the same for computer modding. Sad, very sad.


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