Guess Who’s Back?

March 8, 2006

Well well well, look who’s back. After a long sabtical, I have decided to try to resurrect my fledging blog and give back to all my loyal fans (2 at last count and even them I’m not sure of).

So, what exciting news do I have?

1. One really exciting piece of news is that my wife is 25 weeks pregnant!!! Yes, Sledgemiester will soon have his own little mini-sledge! It’s all very exciting and in the last 2 weeks I’ve felt the baby kicking/punching – quite a unique experience I tell you. So far we’ve brought the pram and have some clothes/toys etc but we haven’t gotten the big stuff yet – cot, car seat etc.

2. I brought a 17″ Samsung 740B LCD monitor. Actually, that’s not really that exciting but it’s interesting… kinda. Ties in with point #1, cause I’ve been kicked out of the spare bedroom and put into the back area of our house. As such, I had to get a really small desk which made necessary the sale of my 19″ Philips CRT monitor. Was sad to see it go, but I actually prefer the LCD. It’s pretty cool – you can raise & lower the screen plus you can rotate from landscape to potrait mode (abit of a gimmic if you ask me). I didn’t even realise it had this feature when I brought it.

3. Brought an 80GB PVR about 6 months ago too – did I blog on this already? Who knows. The time slip ability (pause live TV and then start watching it while its still recording) is very handy, the picture quaility is great (being a digital set top box too) and the extra digital channels are interesting to watch. Had been having some problems with the remote, but it turns out it was just a loose connection in the battery area.

4. Went to Cairns & Port Douglas for our annual holiday in 2005. Had a great time up there, check out my photos: Cairns & Port Douglas 2005.

5. Plus so many other things that I can’t think of at the moment!