Feed Aggregator

I read a number of different websites each day- some of which are technology related, some social, some news, some political etc. It can be quite a pain visiting each site daily, finding the latest posts, reading etc.

So I decided to check out a feed aggregator. It basically gives you one location from which to view all your websites (providnig they have rss/atom/xml/etc feeds available). There are two types: software based and online based. Now only the unread posts are shown, they are all in one spot and it's sa-weet as.

I went with an online based type because I wanted to use an aggregator that didn't need to be installed and was accessible from multiple computers. I ended up choosing Bloglines.

My Bloglines Screen
Now, aggregators have been around for ages but I just haven't really seen the need for them – but, if you're reading over 10+ websites a day, I highly recommend spending the time looking for one and then using it. Sure has saved me time!


2 Responses to Feed Aggregator

  1. thefunklab says:

    Sledge, I’ve been using http://www.netvibes.com as my homepage.
    Very web 2.0, everthing in Ajax.
    It’s pretty cool. All my rss are there in tabs ready to go, and accessable from any computer.

  2. olorinsledge says:

    I've checked it out Funk – very cool and utilising mucho web 2. I like it, I like it alot. Not sure if I'll make the jump yet, but given recent events it could be on the cards!

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