Lets give this a go

Ok, so for the last two or so years I've had a Blogger blog. Been quite happy with it, never really had any issues with it and haven't really been using it much lately.

Then today in a moment of boredom I decided to check out WordPress and see what it offered. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So I've decided to try this new site out and see how it goes. What do you guys think?

PS. I've imported my old Blogger posts to save you a trip to my old Blogger site.


3 Responses to Lets give this a go

  1. Bagelboy says:

    Hey, I don’t get it. In your most recent post you say you’re going to give WordPress a go but you’ve been posting to this site since Wednesday, June 16th, 2004! What gives? I smell the smell of a spammer man.

  2. olorinsledge says:


    Those are my former Blogger posts that I have imported into WordPress. You’ll notice they belong to the Old Blogger Posts category.

    Anyway, I’ve put a PS in to save people the stress that you have unfortunately occured over this incident. 😉

  3. olorinsledge says:

    It’s there for me – I think you need to refresh the main page.

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