Wassup with Google?

You know, I like Google search. It's fast, well thought out, gives the results you want yadda yadda. I also like Gmail too, which I find useful for creating email accounts on the fly for various different reasons, though I use the pop3 integration so the interface isn't really that big a deal. Heck, even Google Maps is ok I suppose.  Then there's the free wifi it offers in various areas of America (see here for more details). So, Google is aight (trying to get a little street cred in this post).

However, it's recently furore into a different area is quite strange – Google Romance. What the!? This is just too sad on too many levels. Sure sure, they've developed "cutting-edge personal search algorithms" to help you "instantly find your perfect match". But really, this isn't the ground breaking stuff you'd expect from Google.

To be honest, lately Google has been trying to do everything and be everywhere. But it's just not cutting it with me. And what about it's motto of "do no evil"? Recent events have proven that's a crock, as it bent to the will of China to self censor it's new Google China site.

Google is the current darling of Wall Street and the IT world – but it's starting to lose it's shine in my opinion. I predict it becoming the new Microsoft of the future – huge, lots of products, big influence, but hated. Your thoughts?


4 Responses to Wassup with Google?

  1. watercooler says:

    I agree! When google started, they followed their credo, and people loved them for it.
    I think it’s kind of the nature of the beast – when someone, as a company, get as big as they did, and as fast as they did, plus trying to expand their business, they kind of fall further away from their initial goals. Yes, they do seem to be ontrack be “everything to everyone,” just like the “evil M$” is.

    I think they’re just outgrowing the original business model that got them where they are now. My guess is that they are either setting themselves up for a big fall, or they will own the market, taking MS’ place – in both the usage and hate categories… For a little bit of an eye-opener, also see: http://www.fuckedgoogle.com

    PS – search for something in the romance area… 🙂

  2. deckart jazz says:

    Mate you’ll find that Google Romance is an April Fools day joke. Better luck next time d00d!

  3. olorinsledge says:

    Haha, rolled! Guess I should have tried using Google Romance before getting all bothered about it eh? But but but, my other points still stand!

    /me blushes.

  4. watercooler says:

    Thanks for the encouragement post Olorin – you made me get off my duff and finish up the page I was doing on Google…. Kinda long though…

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