A Freshen Up

This year, in October, it will be 8 years since my wife and I brought our current house. At the time I did some work on it to get it looking a bit nicer (it’s an old 1950’s 2BR house). Ripped up the carpet and polished the floorboards underneath. Repainted the whole house. That was about it.

A few years of living in it and we decided to do some more renovations. So we did up the front, put in new windows, wooden venetions, built a verandah etc. Then my wife redid the laundry while I was away overseas working for 4 months. A few years later and we redid the bathroom. Which leads us to now.

See, with the baby coming along, our house is too small now. As it is, I’ve moved my office out into the laundry so that we could setup the 2nd bedroom as a nursery for our soon to arrive baby. So being that the house isn’t large enough for us anymore, thoughts of purchasing a new/newer house have been on the mind.

Problem is our current colour scene of the house looked fine back in 1998, but not so fine in 2006. If we’re going to sell it, we need to give it a freshen up. I was going to repaint the house myself but I have been so busy with work, church & family committments that I just can’t find the time.

On Monday the painter starts repainting our house. Can’t wait.


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