What’s In A Name?

A name is a name right? Just a label by which to call a person/object something. Well maybe to you, but for me it’s much more. It’s a sense of your identity. When I think about names, I immediately remember people I have known with the same name, and based on my experiences with them, I either like the name or dislike the name.

My name in real life, you gasp at the realisation that my name isn’t Olorin, is quite unique. It’s a name that most people have heard of, but very rarely give to their children. I like it – the fact it is associated with a famous movie tough guy adds to my appreciation of it.

And the importance of names is even more apparent these days as my wife and I think of what to call our baby. Not knowing the sex doesn’t help us any, we have to think up of a boys name and girls name, but just finding a name for one gender is hard enough. We’ve been though the “10,000 Baby Names” book, been to numerous online name sites, paid extra attention to the names of babys born around us and still we haven’t really settled on a name we like. Well, not really. I’ve got a boys name that I quite like and I’m in the process of wearing down my wife to accepting it. Wish me luck.

On the side, what are your suggestions for a boys or girls name?


6 Responses to What’s In A Name?

  1. thefunklab says:

    Here is a mad cool java app that show the popularility of a name.


  2. http://www.babynameaddicts.com

    This is my other website. We have over 50,000 names with meanings, origins, popularity graphs, and more. We also have forums for getting feedback on the names you are considering, or to get suggestions.

    My daughter’s name is Ariana. If she was a boy she would have been Ryan.

    Please don’t use unisex names (Taylor, Avery), or names that are spelled weird (like M’Leigh [Emily]). That would be abuse šŸ˜€ Oh, and please, no boy’s names on girls (Ryan, Madison).


  3. olorinsledge says:

    thefunklab: Thanks mate – just checked out the name I like and it was the 5th most popular last year! Damn, not sure if I like that but the name still appeals to me.

    naturalfamilyawareness: Have had a look at your website, good stuff. Hey I totally agree about the unisex names and the usage of a boys name for a girl (and vice versa) – that’s always made me wonder about the parents.

  4. cabop says:

    Hey Olorin – just checked out your post under “parenting” on wordpress (figured I at least owe that to my one and only visitor to my blog cabop.wordpress.com).

    Names are tough. Wait until your parents try to get in on the act – that will screw everything up! What was amazing was how my wife and I were able to scan 1000’s of names and dismiss 99% immediately. What an odd phenomenon.

    Here are a couple of freebies courtesy of my mom: Truck, Mack …needless to say, we didn’t use them.

    Biblical names are coming back in a big way too. My name (Caleb) was very very rare growing up (met two other my whole life) – now they are popping up all over. Noah is also very popular right now…and the singer from Coldplay just named his kid Moses!

  5. olorinsledge says:

    Update guys!

    My wife and I have settled on a boys name and also a girls name! We’ve even decided on the middle name we will use if we have a boy (still working on a middle name for a girl).

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