1984 Apple Insert

I've never really been a fan of Apple or it's Macintosh computers.

I was brought up on an early Amstrad 664, then an IBM XT, an AT, 286 (skipped the SX and went straight to the DX), 386, 486, Pentium etc. My first personal computer was a 386 DX40 (yep, 40 whooping megahertzs of processing power), 4Mb of RAM (which cost over $80 per Mb), a 40Mb HDD (or perhaps 110Mb, memory is sketchy) and an amber (read orange) monitor. Brought this with my twin brother, and damn if we didn't think we were the bees knees.

We later upgraded to a 486 DX100 (this was an overclocked DX25 I think) and from there I think we went our separate ways with computers thought there might have been a joint Pentium somewhere along the way. My current home computer is a Duron 1.3Ghz, 512Mb RAM, 120Gb HDD, LCD monitor – not very impressive, I know. My Centrino 1.6Ghz laptop is slightly more impressive, though just.

But I digress, back to Apple and the Mac. I found an interesting advertisement (on Digg or Reddit) that Apple put out back in 1984, showing it's new Macintosh computer. Of interest is the comparison between it's software (or should I say, the software that ran on the Mac) and the software running on IBMs at the time – the Mac was obviously far ahead.

It's amazing the IBM based PC (thanks to IBM's policy of allowing clone manufacturers and Microsoft Windows) is now the most dominate computer in the market (kudos to the inroads Mac and the various *ix distros are making these days). Sometimes flooding the market with cheaper options will win over style and form. Apple is on a real winner with it's iPod though, I wonder if anyone will ever catch up again in the portable music industry.

Viewing this advertisement (page 7) reminded me of the good ole Amstrad and my Dad having to use control tags to get bold text or italic text or larger font sizes etc. Kind of an early precursor to HTML if you like. Also, check out page 10 for an endorsement from Bill Gates.

Remember how I said I've never really been a fan of Apple and it's Macs – well, on the weekend I checked out a G4 laptop for a friend and must say it was a pretty tight unit. Unfortunately, I missed out on winning it (was on eBay) for my friend, but there'll be other opportunities.
Anyone else have any old computer related nostalgia that'd like to share?


3 Responses to 1984 Apple Insert

  1. thefunklab says:

    Dude, the first time I heard a Soundblaster was at your house playing Gunship 2000.
    I was like “Whoa, real sound, not just beeps.”

    curse that pc speaker.

    first computer: commadore 16, followed by a 386 w/ 4 mb RAM, 110 mb HDD, dos 6.2, win 3.1

  2. olorinsledge says:

    Ah Gunship 2000. That game is still one of my all time favourites. I remember the setup my brother and I had – he was the pilot and I was the gunner/navigator (true to the two person setup of an Apache AH-64).

  3. deckart jazz says:

    Those were the days! Gunship 2000 was probably the best flight simulator game I’ve ever played. Real enough physics but not so much that it ruined the game play. Add to that the promotions and medals it was awesome.

    After that we found X-Wing and oh what a glorious game that was too.

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