Do The Crime, Do The Time

 The Bali Nine amaze me, especially Renae Lawrence. Yesterday her life sentence for trying to smuggle $4million dollars worth of heroin (with 8 other accomplices) out of Bali and into Australia was reduced to 20 years.

Listening to ABC on the radio this morning I heard an interview done with her last night / this morning. And I was amazed at some of the things she said. The Age has an article on this interview here.

Referring to her original life sentence:

"I mean I don't (feel) happy with that sentence it should never have happened."

You must be joking? It would never have happened if you hadn't decided to try to smuggle heroin out of Bali – simple as that. Or is it?

"I apologise to the Australian public if I've disgraced Australia or anything else. But I think as I said … they would have done exactly as I did if put in the same situation."

If put in the same situation eh? Well, personally I don't believe the whole cock and bull story about being forced to do this drug run under threat of harm to her family. However, lets believe her story for arguments sake. The thing is this, most Australians wouldn't associate with people that are involved in drug smuggling – full stop. You spend time around criminals and you will become involved in their world, be it in a small way or a big way as the Bali Nine found out. So basically, most Australians wouldn't have been put in your situation Renae because they wouldn't be hanging around drug smugglers.

"No," she said when asked if the government supported her. "I prefer not to go into the government side of it."

Seriously, what could the Australian government do when you chose to get involved in drug smuggling within an Asian country – where sentences for drug related crimes are harsh and heavy. Australia doesn't have jurisdiction to interfere with other countries legal systems. They can place diplomatic pressure but that rarely achieves anything in these cases. Of course she is bitter at the Australian Federal Police (and thus the Australian government) for tipping off Indonesian authorities about her and her cohorts plans. 

There's a saying that's been around for years and rings in my ears everytime I hear one of the Bali Nine complaining, whinging and justifying their actions: Do the crime, do the time. 


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