Alas Blogger, I Knew You Well

Well, I just bit the bullet and deleted my Blogger blog. After investigating, trying and actively using WordPress I decided there wasn't much point keeping my other blog up. So it was unceremoniously deleted today. Dead, kaput, gone.

The WordPress categories help organise my posts and the beta 'Tags' in WordPress have already brought more traffic to my site, 2+ visitors vs 1 visitor at Blogger, in a month than the two years I used Blogger.


3 Responses to Alas Blogger, I Knew You Well

  1. tektrekgamer says:


    I agree with you about the Blogger thing, I had a Blogger account since October 2005 and posted there until April of 2006. One thing I will say however is that Blogger never went down on me, I never had a failure except once and it was in the middle of the night.

    WordPress is more professional, and IMO drags more hits and comments. I had some participation over at Blogger thought which is always nice. I have decided to keep my Blogger account active to act as a forwarding address because it is the first result on Google when you search my name and I can’t let than become a 404.

    In a couple of months when everyone is used to the new Blog location, I will probably go ahead and delete my Blogger blog. Thank God you can import your blogger entries to WordPress eh! -Sebastian

  2. olorinsledge says:

    Yes, Blogger seems to be more reliable (according to posts I’ve read, including yours). I figured I might as well delete my Blogger blog because I wasn’t getting any traffic through it anyway.

    I also had a suspicion that Google wasn’t indexing my WordPress blog because of all the duplicated posts it shared in common with my Blogger blog (thanks to the import ability of WordPress). Time will time if Google now picks up this site instead…

    Thanks for your comments Seb.

  3. tektrekgamer says:

    No Problem. I will think about removing the blog to make room for Google. You might try manually submitting your wordpress blog URL to Google submit a URL page here

    I will go ahead and add you to the blog roll! -Sebastian

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