Best Buy Gets Best Invasion!

Ever wanted to dress up in the same uniform as a Best Buy (blue polo, khaki pants, belt and black shows) staff member, enter a Best Buy store and see how you are treated? What about if you did it with 80 other people at the same time?

This crazy stunt was done recently by a group calling themselves 'Improv Everywhere'. What are these whacky people about? I'll leave it up to them to tell you:

Improv Everywhere is, at its core, about having fun.  We're big believers in "organized fun".  In the process we bring excitement to otherwise unexciting locales and give strangers a story they can tell for the rest of their lives.  We're out to prove that a prank doesn't have to involve humiliation or embarrassment; it can simply be about making someone smile.

Check out the event, it is pretty damn funny!


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