I Pity The Fool Redux!

You know if there is one dude from the 80's that is to be remembered, and respected I might add, it has to be my gold chain loving, brother from another mother – Mr T.

Friends and I will still bag each other out these days with the statement, "I pity the fool!" Followed by much laughing, joking and high fives. Hey, sometimes we'll make it even more hardcore with, "I pity da fool!" – ain't we from the badside of the tracks.

So it is with much joy that I find out today that Mr T is going to be back on prime time (well TV at least)  and dishing out the advice again.  Check this article out for all the goss. If you can't be bothered, here's a choice line:

"My show ain't no `Dr. Phil,' with people sitting around crying," he said. "You're a fool – that's what's wrong with you. (And) you're a fool if you don't take my advice."

I pity the fool that doesn't watch this show, I really pity da fool!


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