New Apple Store

Apple has just opened its new store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. Ho hum, another store opening, no biggie. Well, that's what I thought until I had a look at how the store is designed. I have to give it to the design/architect folks over at Apple (or who were hired by Apple) – they sure know how to put the s in style.

Outside & Inside Pics Construction Pics Aerial View


3 Responses to New Apple Store

  1. tektrekgamer says:

    The store is awesome. I saw another post about this a couple of days ago. The glass building is awesome… just so futuristic..

    Yeah it does have a lot of style too, pitty there is not one in England! -Seb SEBRT.COM

  2. olorinsledge says:

    For sure. This glass square just rising out of the ground and as you approach it you realise it goes down underground into a store? It’s pretty trippy!

    No way we’d have anything as cool as that here in Australia – in fact I’ve never even seen an Apple store here, let alone been into one.

  3. tektrekgamer says:

    They have an Apple store here in Leeds.. but it sucks. And no offense to anyone who works there but they are less than stellar apple people.. don’t give apple a good look up here in Leeds…

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