Apple iPods & Nike Runners Unite

I’ll be up front with you, I’m not a huge Apple fan. Don’t know why but it’s probably got to do with my background in PCs, my appreciation of value for money (though this differentiation is getting smaller and smaller), the fact that I write Windows based applications and my lack of being a ‘fashion’ technologist.

Pre October 2001 and Apple was on the ropes. Your average computer user either had no idea who they were or knew who they were but had never used a Mac. It was a tough time. Queue entrance of the 1st generation iPod and the rest is history. As of November 2005, Apple had sold over 30million iPods and the iPod is now the standard portable music device that the industry compares all other devices to. So, I tip my hat to Apple and say, “Way to go, that was clever”.

Even their iBook and new MacBook laptop offerings recently have been priced quite competitively with PC equivalents, causing a few friends of mine to ‘jump ship’ and consider getting an Apple laptop. These are people that would never have considered an Apple had it not been for the revolution caused by the iPod.

Then I read about the Nike+iPod Sports Kit (here ) and think to myself, “You have got to be joking!” For those too lazy to view the linked article it’s basically Apple and Nike teaming up to provide a pedometer capability to specially equipped Nike shoes via Apples iPod. My brain is screaming stupid and my head is nodding in agreement! It achieves this via an antenna in your shoes and a special attachment in the iPod. But don’t take my word, or Wireds word for that matter, take it straight from the horses mouth – Nike+iPod.

I just don’t see the point of this, I seriously don’t. Still I’m sure it’ll be all the rage soon, as anything to do with Apple/iPod has become the new ‘cool fashion’ accessory. Somebody tell me I’m wrong (or that I’m right)!!

PS. Apple really is good at marketing isn’t it. After writing this post and actually viewing the Apple website of this product, it does look pretty cool. But cool doesn’t mean functional – only time will tell.

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2 Responses to Apple iPods & Nike Runners Unite

  1. deckart jazz says:

    Yeh it’s crazy man! What will they have next? An iPod+DiscoBall accessory that is an addon to provide groovy lights functionality? I can see the blurb, “You’ve used your nano to pump up the party, now use your nano to light up the party with your iPod+DiscoBall!”

    You know what though, I reackon the iPod+Nike will go off. Why? Because let’s face it, anyone running around with an iPod now is a yuppy, health, techno wannabe. So now that there is another addon for even more geekdom cool, they’ll be all over it like flies on a turd.

  2. olorinsledge says:

    Ouch! Hahaha, but I think you’re right mate. Common sense seems to give way to fashion when it comes to the iPod…

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