Most Overrated Things

I was listening to the radio on the way into work today and they were talking about the most overrrated things today. Some of their suggestions were:

  • Lobster (and prawns); agreed though I don't eat them so I can't really rate them
  • Aboriginal art; man this isn't very politically correct is it
  • The Mona Lisa painting; affirmative
  • Abalone; see lobster

And the list went on to a few more that were quite good, but unfortunately I can't remember. So I thought I'd come up with my own list:

  • The iPod; hahaha, I can just imagine the fury being generated amongst the 2 regular readers of this blog, if there are two! Nice music player but highly overrated by the fashionista crowd.

    eXtreme Programming; if this isn't the most overrated software development methodology in the world, someone please let me know what is

  • Global warming; oops, that should be Climate Change (seems some places aren't warming up but are in fact cooling down). All based on data over the last 100, and that's being generous, or so years – how can that give us a true indication of climate variations over the past 5+ millennia?
  • All you can eat buffets; man oh man, I can't think of a worse dining experience except for maybe rum cha or eating out of a dumpster
  • The Beatles; yep, I said the Beatles!
  • Real Madrid; the football/soccer team that is. All that individual talent and yet so hopelessly bad as a team.

Well. That's all I can think of at the moment – anyone care to share their most overrated things?

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12 Responses to Most Overrated Things

  1. simon says:

    The iPod; hahaha, I can just imagine the fury being generated amongst the 2 regular readers of this blog,

    Olorin, consider my fury unleashed.

  2. samlee says:

    Oh… I got my list too…

    – bringing bibles to church. (they have it projected on screens now, you really don’t need to bring it, but could be argued)

    – cigarettes … its just so… 90s

    – the word “postmodern”… kinda overused, misused, and misunderstood.

    – suicid bombs… (sorry, if i offend any muslims here)

    i can’t think of anything else…

  3. olorinsledge says:

    Simon: Please stop your fury, I’m having problems sleeping!

    Samlee: Ummm, I’m in the crowd that says bringing your Bible to church is a good thing, if only just to make sure the preacher isn’t misrepresenting it!

  4. Sandy says:

    The most overated things are lists about “Most overated things”
    In fun

  5. olorinsledge says:

    Sandy: Awww, that hurt! Haha, just kidding… thanks for your input! 🙂

  6. samlee says:

    Sorry… sorry… I agree with you!
    Some preacher/teachers… you just are not sure.

  7. sdsd ddd says:

    how is bealte overrated

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  9. hch says:

    the beatles overated. you’re either joking or you just don’t get it. sit down and listen to the abby road or sgt. pepper albums some day and open your mind.

  10. vcki says:

    Great Blog: go check out

    Cheers Vicki

  11. skylar says:

    lets see-

    Harry Potter
    High School Musical
    Hannah Montana

    and everything else starting with the letter H, Just kidding.

  12. Justin says:

    Anal. so overrated.

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