PocketMod – A Paper Based PDA Review

Came across this website the other day which offers one the ability to 'create' a paper based PDA, or should that be PPA – Pocket Paper Assistant, from a sheet of A4/Letter paper. Via a series of folds & cuts, this sheet of paper is made into an eight page pocket sized booklet. Cool!

PocketMod is the website and it's based around a flash app that lets you select certain organiser/diary templates (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly view, to do list, lines, grids, formulas, games etc) an assign them to one of the eight pages in your pocket booklet.

Here's one I designed. I call it the 'Three Week Pocket Based Planner':

Like I said earlier, you print this out to an A4/Letter piece of paper (or whatever paper size you like) and then fold it based on the instructions on PocketMods website. Was a bit tricky at first but I managed to get it right.

It's actually a pretty cool little flash based app. At the end of the day though, it would be much easier to just buy a pocket diary and use that instead. Why? Well besides having to reprint your organiser/diary every week/fortnight etc and then folding it, an organiser/diary limited to eight pages isn't really of much practical use.

PS. Apparently this is 'old' news – if it is, I do apologise to all the techno fashionista.

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One Response to PocketMod – A Paper Based PDA Review

  1. Shane says:

    Sweeet. Thanks for the tip.

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