T Minus 19 Days

Today is 19 days till our first child is born. Unbelievable! It seems like just yesterday that I made my wife do three pregnancy tests, yeh I didn’t trust the first two, and now we are into the actual birth month.

Lots of things have happened on the baby front. The weekend before last we had a baby shower (organised by my Mum, sister-in-law & family friend) which I hear was lots of fun. What is a baby shower? It’s a day to celebrate the imminent arrival of a baby during which games, food, talking and present giving are top of the agenda. We got some great gifts so the day was deemed a success, according to my rating system! I’ve got some pictures that I might eventually upload soon to my Pbase account.

On top of this we’ve brought; the convertible car seat, a set of drawers, rug for the nursery, a toy chest (well, it’s being brought today), a baby carrier, quilt set for the cot (for display purposes only), change table, clothes dryer etc. There’s a lot of things to buy! I’ve also finished a few little projects around the house that I’ve been staring at for years – handyman work is not my thing.

We’ve settled on a name for a boy and also a name for a girl (as mentioned in comments on one of my posts). I feel as if we are having a boy so I’ll be quite surprised if a girl pops out, but I don’t mind either way, so long as he/she is healthy. We’ve also been praying lots for the baby, our family & it’s future.

I’ve also set up a jabber account for my wife at home so we can IM each other, if need be, instead of using emails. This is the first time my wife has used an IM program so we’ll see how it goes – and yes, I’m not joking, it is the first time.

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