155 Beats Per Minute

Had an obstetrician appointment tonight and my wife was hooked up to a doppler so we could hear the baby’s heart beat. Man, babys hearts beat fast!

Our obstetrician had a listen for a few seconds then made the following statement, “It’s a boy”. “Eh? We told you not to tell us”, I thought. “Has to be a boy, girls don’t have hearts do they?”, was his reply. I had a bit of a chuckle at this joke as did my wife.

Average BPM over 10 minutes or so was about 155, with a range from 140 to 170 BPM.

It’s getting close now, only 15 days and one item left to buy for the nursery (a chair)…

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2 Responses to 155 Beats Per Minute

  1. mudpuppy says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Congratulations on the impending bundle of joy. My sister just had a girl a week ago, my brothers’ wife is due in a couple weeks and my boy is just about to turn three. There’s nothing like our munchkins!

  2. tektrekgamer says:

    Congrats man!! I guess this is it before your life spins out of control 🙂 Hey what am I saying, I am still a kid right? 😉 -Sebastian

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