What’s Happening?

A few updates of things that have been happening lately.

Our baby is currently four days overdue! My wife had another obstetrician appointment yesterday and she was told that if it hasn’t arrived by seven days overdue, she will be induced. That means we’re only three days away (at the most) from meeting the little one – wow. The “when’s it going to arrive” suspense is killing us!

Here’s a cool flash based game in which you manage a McDonalds store: McDonalds Video Game. From managing the farm, slaughterhouse, store and even your marketing/advertising campaigns, you’ll have your hands full. While I’ve only managed to get to 2008, I hear others have advanced much further. However, I warn you… it’s highly addictive!

Today my blog passed 50 views in one day – rock on. Want to know which search words send the most traffic to my blog from Google? “Who do you say I am?” consistently has 1 to 3 referrals a day, amazing. Not getting many comments though so I might have to jazz up my blog with some more controversial posts.

Ordered a remote cable switch for my Canon 350D yesterday over eBay for $14 (shipping included) – I think genuine Canon versions go for $50+. Do I really need it? Umm, good question. Probably not but I think it’ll come in handy for tripod work and at that price it’s not going to break the bank. Still haven’t really had a day where I can just go and concentrate on taking photos (be it in the city, at the beach or some event etc) but I’m hoping to during my time off soon.


One Response to What’s Happening?

  1. angela says:

    Just to say that I read your blog almost daily and it’s always interesting but i don’t understand much techie stuff. I’d like to know what your comment about the traffic from Google meant if you have a moment to explain.
    I tried the McDonald’s game which was hilarious but that music at the beginning is really irritating. Thanks for posting it

  2. olorinsledge says:

    Nice to know someone reads my blog, Angela!

    Ok then, lets say you go to http://www.google.com and search for “but who do you say I am?” – a whole heap of results will come up, one of them being a link to my blog. If you click on the link to my blog, WordPress automatically logs that you were sent to my blog from Google.

    Here are some searches that people did on Google yesterday that resulted in them coming to my blog (i.e. clicking on a search result link that was for my blog):

    adding metadata to folders
    picassa web review
    girls hear beat per minute
    baby beats per minute
    Anakin turns to the dark side
    airline baggage shrink wrap
    all you can eat Bendigo
    the windmill reception in rockbank
    paper-based PDA
    but who do you say I am?

    Etc – hope that answers your question Angela. Thanks for your visits and comment!

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