My wife and I are proud to annouce the arrival of our beatiful girl, Joelle. 3.7kgs (8.2 pounds), 52cms, born 10:47pm July 4th.

More info over the next few days – I’m off to the hospital!

UPDATE: Photos here!


4 Responses to IT’S A GIRL!!

  1. deckart jazz says:

    Congratulations Bro!

    My wife and I went down last night to see the little baby. We were all in suspense as to the gender of the baby and I had a feeling it was a girl. When we arrived Bronson was nursing the baby and it was taking little breaths and occasionally opening her eyes.

    Anyway it’s very exciting for our family and we are thrilled! Congratulations to you both and to little baby Joelle!

  2. angela says:

    Many congratulations!

  3. ruminatingpilgrim says:


  4. carlo*97 says:

    Congratulations on your new baby. It must be a proud moment for you. Parenting and fatherhood are some of the joys that not all people get to experience, treasure it well and teach your baby the lessons and magic of life.

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